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Evening Standard: The London super-surgeon who teaches Syrians how to save lives

For two decades trauma doctor David Nott has taken unpaid leave every year to help the victims of the world’s war zones. He tells Jasmine Gardner why it’s worth putting his life on the line.

It’s three weeks since Nott returned from Syria, where he was training doctors in one of the war-torn country’s largest cities, in how to save the lives of those wounded in the conflict. In a city of two million people, just 36 doctors remain. “Every day, 12 to 14 people were coming in wounded. Children, women, normal people — all with gunshot wounds,” he explains. Last month an X-ray image Nott took while he was there became front-page news. It showed an unborn baby with a bullet lodged in its skull — the result of pregnant women being targeted by snipers.

I’m watching a short film clip in which Nott leads the doctors operating on one such woman. They are performing a Caesarean section, except in this case the woman’s uterus is damaged by the entry and messy exit wounds of a bullet. When they lift out the nearly full-term infant, it is dead. “I will use this for teaching purposes … It’s very unusual to have to do this sort of operation but it was important to film it because other people will have to deal with it.”

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