British Contemporary Artist’s Exclusive Offer to Our Supporters

Nadia Day is a contemporary British artist based in Richmond, UK. She paints Impressionist views of nature, both local and further afield through seascapes and commissions.

“I use a brisk technique of flat brushstrokes and pallet knife work, ensuring my paintings reflect the energy and beauty of nature at their core. I love painting a big fresh sky – this is always my starting point

After reading War Doctor she felt so moved by David’s story that she contacted us to pledge her support and donate four original paintings. Nadia’s work has been selected for national exhibitions including the Battersea Affordable Art Fair. She studied art at Kingston University and gained a BA in Drama & Theatre Arts from Birmingham University. Here is what she had to say about the collaborating with the David Nott Foundation:

“I was profoundly moved reading War Doctor. David Nott was continually taking himself away from his safe set up in the UK, to risk his life to help others. I felt compelled to do something, but helpless – my artistic skills are a world away from the medical practise, so how could they be applied?

I remember seeing Quentin Blake’s illustrations brightening up the walls of Great Ormond Street Hospital, where we often visit with my son Jasper, and the art offers a cheery brightness at a time of need.

My aim was to create pieces which inspire positive feelings of calm and contemplation. The landscape needed to be non-descript but to suggest change and travel – themes residents fleeing war torn countries must often face. I wanted to touch on the base human feelings of courage and hope, feelings required in difficult situations.

I carefully chose names to conjure up the emotions they represented to me; there is Solace, Reflection, Legacy and New Beginnings.

If you bought one of these pieces, the message is clear, you are paying for a doctor to be trained and I personally thank you so much.




New Beginnings