December 2019 Newsletter

In this Christmas newsletter we celebrate you, our wonderful supporters. Thanks to your kindness and generosity, this year we have been able to deliver nine specialised training courses in eight countries, training 127 medics from all across the world.

The doctors we train share their knowledge with colleagues, expanding our global network of skills sharing and improving patient outcomes in some of the world’s most surgically austere environments.

Without your help, our work would simply not be possible. So, in this festive season, we want to thank you for everything that you do to support us.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and look forward to the new year ahead.


Our Impact Report has Landed!


We’re delighted to share with you our first Impact Report. This report celebrates all that we have achieved as a Foundation since we started in 2015.

To read about how your donation has made a difference to the lives of countless patients, and to learn more about the surgeons we train, take a look at our Impact Report today!

Thank You from our Doctors


You may remember Dr Lucien from Uganda, who attended our specialised  Surgical Training for Austere Environments (STAE) course in April.

Recently, Lucien travelled to London again for a conference and we were delighted to be able to see him. Presenting David with a beautiful wood carving, Lucien thanked the Foundation, saying: “Thank you for the training. I am so proud to be among the trainees”.


Star Supporter: Bis Culley



Since 2016, Bis Culley has been working hard to curate our beautiful range of greetings cards. Contacting illustrators, liaising with donors and arranging all the postage and packaging, Bis is truly one of our standout supporters. 

From these cards alone, Bis has raised over £11,000 for the David Nott Foundation, enough to train eleven surgeons on our overseas HEST course. Alongside this, Bis has also run several fundraising events for us and even applied for a grant on our behalf.

If you haven’t had the chance to buy your Christmas cards yet, please do take a look at all the designs we have on offer. The deadline for ordering is Wednesday 18th December, so don’t miss out! 100% of the profits will go towards training war doctors and saving lives.