Friends of David Nott Foundation

Our Friends of the David Nott Foundation (FDNF) Societies are our fast-growing network of student supporters. Whether you’re a budding medic or share our passion for humanitarian surgery, being part of an FDNF Society will keep you in the loop with the Foundation’s work and help you get started on your journey.

An FDNF is not just for medics: if your studies aim to address global conflict, or if you have a passion for international development, you have an important role to play.

We hope that our FDNF Societies will help to inspire the next generation of humanitarians and surgical leaders.

As our Faculty Trainer, Dr Ammar Darwish, explains: “The best way to get into humanitarian work is to volunteer for these charities (like the David Nott Foundation).”

If you would like to set up an FDNF Society at your university, please send us an email at [email protected]