Merry Christmas from our Chief Executive

The end of the year provides us with a moment to reflect on what has passed and think about the future. It has been a year of many challenges and difficulties, but I am so grateful for the incredible ongoing support we have been so honoured to receive from you all.

I have found joy this year in the time I have spent with the doctors we have had the privilege to train on our courses. Speaking with doctors from Mosul, Iraq, on our HEST in November and from Ethiopia, Palestine, Afghanistan and Syria on our latest STAE course; they provide such inspiration to us as a team.

Thanks to your generosity, we have a full programme of training planned for 2022 and cannot wait to get started. It is our ambition to run six Hostile Environment Surgical Training (HEST) courses and re-start our Obstetric and Neonatal Care specialist courses. We will have two more cohorts of scholars on our scholarship programme and continue to deepen and strengthen the relationships we have built with healthcare workers and partner organisations over the previous six years.

To our DNF community, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year. We truly couldn’t do what we do without you.