The David Nott Foundation undertakes surgical missions to provide active help to hospitals run by other humanitarian organisations and awards grants to faculty members and training bodies to deliver surgical training true to the Foundation’s values.

The Foundation awarded grants to the Syrian British Medical Society and the Syrian Board of Medical Specialties in 2018 and 2019 to deliver three Systematic Management and Emergency Care in Obstetrics and Midwifery (SMEC-OM) courses in Gaziantep, Turkey, for the obstetricians and midwives of northern Syria. In March 2019, Syria Relief was awarded a grant for a surgical mission to Beirut, Lebanon, to conduct elective plastic surgeries on Syrian refugees there, and for David Nott to train resident surgeons as a mentor.

In November 2017, David Nott joined a Syria Relief surgical mission to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh where he spent a week treating Rohingya refugees who had fled the violence in neighbouring Myanmar. It is a long-term ambition of the Foundation to be able to deploy cadres of surgeons who can assist at short notice in humanitarian emergencies.

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