Meet Heston!

Our newest team member is Heston: a life-sized replica human crafted from silicon. Heston plays a leading role in our overseas training programmes, so far helping us in Yemen and Kenya. Named after our Hostile Environment Surgical Training (HEST) course, Heston’s intensive design and ingenious construction process ensure that his skin, bones and organs feel […]

Kenya HEST April 2019

The Faculty of the David Nott Foundation recently returned from its latest mission to Nakura, Kenya (just a short ride from the capital Nairobi) where itdelivered its latest Hostile Environment Surgical Training course.   Graciously hosted by Egerton University and COESCSA, the Faculty delivered training to 24 surgeons and general practitioners over a 4-day period. […]

Yemen HEST January 2019

The David Nott Foundation ran two HEST courses in Aden, Yemen in January 2019 with the support of Médecins Sans Frontières. These two HEST courses were the first occasion that the Foundation’s whole body simulator was employed for training and supporting it was a suite of individual models of organs, blood vessels and key anatomies […]

HEST in Libya

HEST faculty in Misrata It was the early hours of 4 March when our DNF team touched down at Misrata airport.  David and Ammar were this time joined by Harald Veen, formerly Chief Surgeon of the Red Cross and now a valued addition to our teaching faculty. Over the next three days they taught 55 […]

Yemen HEST July 2016

David Nott Foundation ran a HEST course in Aden, Yemen from 10-12 July, 2016. 43 surgeons from hospitals in Aden, Lahj, Abyan, Lawder and Shabwa attended the three-day war surgery training. David showed the doctors how to treat a variety of complicated war injuries, principally fragmentation and gunshot wounds.  There had been an increase in […]