Welcome to our latest news and round-up of how your support has been helping us to train more doctors with the specialist medical skills they need to work in war and disaster zones. 

David Nott in conversation with Sarah Montague 

On the evening of the 30th April, David was joined in conversation with the BBC’s Sarah Montague at the Saatchi Gallery to discuss his book, War Doctor. He shared stories of his work around the world in war zones and why he and Elly set up the Foundation to share his knowledge and expertise with local doctors working on the ground. Sarah asked him how many lives he thinks he’s saved through his own work overseas in war zones and also through our training programme “Possibly in the hundreds of thousands,” David replied.

Among the guests was actor and former doctor (of another variety) Peter Capaldi. He noted that the evening was “a humbling and inspiring experience, meeting both David and Elly.”

We are delighted to report that, through the generosity of all those who attended the event, enough money was raised to provide equipment to train more than forty surgeons as well as award ten fully-funded scholarships to surgeons currently operating in war zones and disaster areas.

HEST in Kenya 

The Faculty of the David Nott Foundation recently returned from its latest mission to Nakura, Kenya (just a short ride from the capital Nairobi) where it delivered its latest Hostile Environment Surgical Training course.

In partnership COSECSA and Egerton University the Faculty delivered training to 24 surgeons and general practitioners over a 4-day period. During this time, a great range of skills were covered including everything from ballistics examining the effects of low and high-velocity bullets and the stages of a blast injury on the body; vascular surgery and head and neck surgery.

A recent addition to our team (one that comes in the form of a full-body simulator called Heston) has proven to be one of our most valuable assets. It makes a great addition to the training process, allowing delegates to easily visualise and study further the surgical procedures being taught, with reference to a remarkably accurate human body.

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David on the table as Ammar Darwish demonstrates pelvic fracture stabilisation procedures

Surgeon runs the London Marathon

Melanie and her daughter at the London Marathon

“The London Marathon is an iconic event and it was a great privilege to be able to take part with international champions and 42,000 other heroes. I’ve learned a great deal through six months of training and had fantastic support from my family and friends & colleagues at work.

It has been a great experience. Something completely different to my usual life as a colorectal surgeon and mother of three. Raising money for the David Nott Foundation and Bowel Cancer UK has been very important to me. The fundraising has revolved around food – cakes piled up at work with a donation box, fundraising dinners, lastly cake sales at my daughter’s school every day in the week before the marathon.

Read more of Melanie’s story here.

STAE course, April 2019

Your support enables us to offer scholarships to surgeons who work in very challenging conditions. It costs £5,000 per student and we cover this entire cost through your generosity. On our most recent course, delivered at the start of April 2019, the training covered how to care for eye injuries from blast wounds, as well as a number of other elements of specialist surgery.

This course was attended by 13 surgeons from countries around the world including Nepal, Syria, Uganda and Chile. The scholars tell us that the way the course is organised is invaluable. “We’re taught the procedure first as a whole group and then get to practice it afterwards in a small team under the supervision team of a surgeon from the Faculty Team,” all of whom are expert surgeons with first-hand experience of working in a conflict zone.

We heard from Vadym who joined us from Ukraine; “This course is way beyond my expectations. It is the best thing that has happened to me in the field of austere environment surgery.”

Paddle Power!

A little over 35 hours is how long it took David Burton and Mattie Morgan to paddle 125 miles from Devizes in Wiltshire to Westminster in central London – a hugely demanding and impressive feat. We are incredibly grateful for their dedication to the Foundation.

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