Maternal and Neonatal Emergencies

Training course for Syrian doctors and midwives

In March we partnered with Syria Relief to support the training course: Systematic Management and Emergency Care in Obstetrics and Midwifery.

Led by one of our first scholars, Saladin Sawan, the course taught obstetricians and midwives an acceptable standardised approach to managing emergencies in the labour ward which could affect mothers or their babies.

The course was taught in Arabic and held in Gaziantep, Turkey. Those attending travelled from within Syria where the war has interrupted the training of most clinicians. Doctors and midwives who remained in Idlib are primarily those who graduated with no subsequent formal training. Many maternal deaths can be prevented by training clinicians on using guidelines for managing conditions such as maternal collapse, post-partum haemorrhage, preeclampsia, sepsis, and neonate resuscitation. While doctors and midwives are all working incredibly hard in the most extreme of circumstances, they deserve our support to transform their skills and knowledge so they are better equipped for their task.

There are relatively few specialist obstetricians and qualified midwives in Idlib, serving a population exceeding four million which includes more than two million internally displaced Syrians. We couldn’t be prouder to support those extraordinary individuals.

HEST For Syrian Surgeons