“There’s no bias towards class, gender, or religion.”

“The foundation’s focus is purely on humanitarian conditions, without any bias towards class, gender, or religion.”- Dominic Cahillane  

Dominic’s sister, Lucy Cahillane, passed away on March 12, 2022. After reading ‘War Doctor’ by David Nott, Lucy became a huge supporter of our mission. She was always sharing with Dominic everything she took from the book and all the passion she had for our work. Dominic tells us that Lucy wasn’t just a bookworm—she loved helping people, an attitude she would actively look to instill in her daughter on a daily basis. She was especially drawn to the foundation because she believed it was a genuinely inclusive humanitarian organisation that didn’t discriminate based on gender, colour, age, or money. Instead, it focused on helping those most in need, like in Syria.  

Based in Sussex, Dominic has been working as a musician since the mid-1990s and has a passion for travel. Together with his partner, they decided to honour Lucy’s legacy by hiking and raising funds for us. 

“The news can be so negative and manipulative; it makes you forget the good in this world and that there are people that just want to help others without seeking reward or notoriety.” 

The Fundraising challenge

“In 2022 I set up a fundraising page, as my partner Radka Nemcova went on a hike along with her friend Katerina Tumova, through the Himalayas to the Everest viewpoint. Their efforts raised around £2500, which wasn’t expected! We were so proud of all we raised for the foundation so this year we wanted to push our limits. Me and my partner travelled this time to South America, we went on a 4-day ascending hike to over 15,000 feet up in the Peruvian Andes to raise money and awareness for the Foundation. To keep our friends, family and other supporters engaged we constantly updated them on where we are and basically how difficult the 4-day hike was going!” 

What does it feel like when you finally reach the top?

“Both times when we hit the base financial target and when we reached the top of our hike, we felt a full on emotional outburst, you can imagine what it’s like after hiking for 4 days! There’s an overall feeling of accomplishment but also a feeling of it could have been more, I’m happy with the results but keep thinking let’s make the next one bigger and keep pushing. I mean it’s a funny one with the journey being both challenging yet soulfully rewarding” 

What’s next for Dominic?

“The foundation deserves much more recognition. It sheds a different light on what’s happening in places like Ukraine and Gaza compared to what people see in newspapers. It’s a reminder that people do want to help.”   

Dominic is deeply inspired by his sister’s legacy, which really fuels his dedication to the foundation. Her belief in helping anyone in need matches what the foundation stands for.  

“I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, but it always feels like there’s more to do. I’m happy with the results but want to make the next one even bigger and keep pushing forward. I never feel like it’s finished; there’s always something more that can be added.” 

Dominic Cahillane’s fundraising journey shows how personal connections and community support can really make a difference. His story highlights the importance of humanitarian work and how much of an impact individuals can have with dedication and perseverance. 

We’d like to thank Dominic for sharing his experience. To find out more about fundraising events or how to support us in an event you have coming up, contact [email protected]. 

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