A mission to reach every healthcare professional in Ukraine

In response to the Ukrainian crisis, our Co-Founder David Nott and Former Consultant Surgeon at St George’s Hospital Henry Marsh delivered a 12-hour online war surgery course to hundreds of doctors in Ukraine on Saturday 5th March.

Taking our action one step further, we’ve turned our life-saving course into a condensed recording and are translating it into Ukrainian. Now, we are on a mission to share it with every healthcare professional in Ukraine.  

To reach as many doctors as possible, David has further condensed the Foundation’s surgical training into a 6-hour recording, divided into 15 chapters and packed full of surgical experience from the frontline. Chapters include triage, neurosurgery, damage control, burns, cardiothoracic, orthopaedics, paediatrics, plastic surgery and anaesthesiology.

The resource has already been shared with many doctors within Ukraine. One shared with us: “Perhaps hundreds of lives and destinies will be saved, thanks to your work. Thank you!”

Another healthcare professional within Ukraine, said: “David has gone through almost all the wars of the past 20 years and arguably has the most conflict medical experience in the world. He did this course for us.”

David Nott, our Co-Founder, said: “The emotions that healthcare professionals in Ukraine are feeling and the circumstances within which they are working – I’ve been there. I’ve worked in hospitals that have been hit by bombs. I’ve performed surgeries in the dark. I’ve been terrified for the lives of my patients. I can’t stop this war, but I can arm them with knowledge.

Condensing my war surgery experience into a recording that can be streamed from any device means any doctor within Ukraine can gain life-saving skills. All of us at the Foundation will continue to do all we can to help.”

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