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Complaints Procedure

The David Nott Foundation’s commitment to transparency and high-quality connections with our supporters means that we are always ready to receive your concerns and comments, put things right and learn lessons. We read every complaint and comment – and take them very seriously.

How to Make a Complaint or Comment

You can make a complaint by emailing [email protected] including ‘Complaint’ in the subject line. This email will then be allocated to the appropriate person so that it can be responded to as quickly as possible.

You can also make your complaint by addressing a letter to: Complaints, David Nott Foundation, 48-49 Princes Place, London W11 4QA.

How will my complaint be handled?

Once received by the Foundation, your complaint will be allocated to the person best placed to respond to your query. For example, if your complaint related to an aspect of our Communications, your complaint would be passed on to the Director of Fundraising and Communications.

The appropriate person will read your complaint and, if needed, raise your concern with the team for discussion and ongoing team learning and development.

In every instance, we will endeavour to respond to your complaint quickly.

If a complaint is particularly serious, for example if it is relating to allegations of a crime or harm to an individual or group, this will be elevated to the David Nott Foundation’s Board of Trustees who will decide whether the complaint will need to be reported to a third party such as the Police or Charity Commission.

What should be included in my complaint?

In order for us to resolve the issue that you raise quickly and fairly, we request that you provide the following information:

  • Your name;
  • Your contact details including how you wish to be contacted;
  • Your relationship to the Foundation (are you a supporter, a donor etc.)
  • A detailed description of your complaint including dates/times of reported incidents if any.

We understand that some complaints may be submitted anonymously. We will make every effort to investigate these fully, however ask that individuals provide their name and contact details so that we can verify the information that you provide relating to any alleged incident, and so that we can update individuals on our investigations into their complaint.

What can I do if the David Nott Foundation has reviewed my complaint and I am still not happy?

If, once we have let you know the outcome of your complaint, you are unhappy with the resolution communicated to you, you may request that we review it again. We ask in this case that you provide thorough reasoning as to why you believe the complaint should be re-investigated.

You may, if you are still unhappy, you have the right to escalate your complaint to the Charity Commission or another regulator.

Data Protection

The David Nott Foundation is committed to a strong data protection policy, in accordance with applicable laws including the GDPR (2018). As such, we process your data securely, fairly, and transparently.