Our mission is simple. To save victims of conflict and natural disaster by better-equipping the doctors who care for them

The David Nott Foundation was established with a simple mission: to provide the surgeons and medical professionals working in the most hostile environments with the skills and the confidence to save more lives.

There is unfortunate certainty in the enduring occurrence of conflict and natural disaster. Environmental catastrophe and civil unrest are becoming an increasingly inherent part of our global landscape. At the frontlines of these crises are the doctors and medical professionals who work tirelessly – often against the odds – to help victims and preserve life.

Yet in countries where resources are scarce, and access to equipment and training is limited, these doctors are left to face the most challenging of circumstances, ill-equipped and unsupported.

Our vision is of a global network of medical professionals, trained to the highest standards, providing the best care to patients in war and natural disaster zones

Transformative training

Founded and led by renowned British surgeon David Nott, the Foundation travels to some of the most dangerous and disadvantaged places in the world. We are the only charity to work alongside surgeons at the frontline, providing cutting-edge training to medical professionals – when and where they need it most.

We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality care, from highly-trained professionals, no matter where they live. By working side by side with surgeons around the world, our impact resonates long after our team has left. Because the knowledge and techniques we teach are shared, we go on to improve the lives of whole communities for years to come.

Meet our team and discover how you too can play your part in better healthcare for all.

Our mission is to deliver the best surgical training for medical professionals operating in austere and hostile environments worldwide – enabling them to save more lives