Hannah Graham-Brown

Hannah supports the programme management at the David Nott Foundation, where she assists the implementation of our Hostile Environment Surgical Training (HEST) courses in conflict and disaster zones. 

She brings a range of experience across the private, non-profit and public sectors, including interning for a Member of Parliament and volunteering for charitable campaigns focused on women in post-conflict zones. She later moved on to work in strategic advisory, delivering counsel for government and corporate clients worldwide through communications, engagement and policy research. Most recently, alongside her studies, she supported the editorial team at the JASON Institute for Peace and Security in the Hague. 

Born in Japan, and raised across the US, Sweden and UK, Hannah has a keen appreciation for new cultures and ways of living. With a background in International Relations and History, she holds both a BA from the University of St Andrews and an MA in Global Conflict from Leiden University. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys snapping film photos, exploring the music scene with friends and watching ballets at the Royal Opera House.