The Rt Hon. The Baroness Boothroyd OM, our beloved Patron

Baroness Boothroyd, David Nott and Elly Nott at the launch of the David Nott Foundation, 24 February 2016.

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of our beloved Patron and friend, Baroness Boothroyd.

People like Betty Boothroyd do not come around often. She fought hard to enter Parliament, succeeding in doing so in 1973. She had a distinguished career serving on many select committees and as a whip before making history by becoming the first woman Speaker of the House of Commons. She won respect for her firm but fair application of the rules of the House and admiration for her authority, warmth and wit.

Her presence and unmistakeable star quality elevated any meeting she attended and to have Betty as our Patron was a point of huge pride for all of us. She took a keen interest in our work and would often call David or I, having watched news reports from Syria or Ukraine, and ask what we could do to help. She was with us from the start, when we launched the Foundation in 2016 at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and she will leave a space quite impossible to fill. We will honour her legacy by striving to be as fearless, and as tireless, as Betty.

A star has gone out in Britain tonight, but the heavens are all the brighter for her presence. For your service to our country, support for our Foundation and friendship to David and I; thank you Betty.

Elly Nott, CEO and Co-Founder  

26th February 2023