The David Nott Foundation office is now closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and our staff are working remotely. Some of our forthcoming surgical training courses have had to be postponed and we continue to support surgeons working in austere environments, globally, using safer alternative means. The best way to contact us is via email on [email protected]



War Doctor, David’s harrowing memoirs of surgery on the front-lines, has arrived in book shops across the US. Spanning over 25 years, David Nott recollects his time volunteering in some of the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophes.

To purchase a copy or gift one to your friends across the pond, you can visit Abrams Books’ website by clicking here.

“Culminating in his recent trips to war-torn Syria—and the untold story of his efforts to help secure a humanitarian corridor out of besieged Aleppo to evacuate some 50,000 people—War Doctor is a heart-stopping and moving blend of medical memoir, personal journey, and nonfiction thriller that provides unforgettable, at times raw, insight into the human toll of war.”  – Abrams Books




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