War Doctor Heroes: Meet Dr Awss

We are delighted to feature Dr Awss from Iraq as our latest War Doctor Hero.

Dr Awss was responsible for eight field hospitals in Iraq during the worst of the fight with ISIS and he continues to treat victims of war there. He has trained with us overseas and recently attended one of our surgical training courses here in the UK (STAE).

Through the sharing of knowledge, his training has not only benefited him but also his colleagues, who work in challenging conditions and face difficult decisions every day. As a result of this skills sharing, Dr Awss and his colleagues noticed a significant decrease in the referral rate to their hospitals.

Aware of the impact these courses have on the provision of treatment in the hospitals under his care, Awss wrote to both the Prime Minister and Minister of Health in Iraq recommending that “every single person who enters into surgery, should have this course.”

The work of Dr Awss and all the war surgeons with whom we work inspires us to keep moving forward so that we can continue to save more lives and limbs.

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