As attacks intensify in Ukraine, our commitment remains

Russia has intensified attacks in northeast Ukraine, prompting the Ukrainian Government to evacuate 37 settlements with the aim of preserving civilian life. A missile strike hit Chernihiv, reportedly killing seven people and injuring hundreds. As conflict and its effects continue to impact the country, a critical need for our Hostile Environment Surgical Training (HEST) remains.

Since Russia’s invasion in February 2022, we’ve trained over 250 frontline doctors from multiple cities including Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Zhytomyr and Zaporizhzhia. We’ve also recently expanded our course to include anaesthetics – a vital component in every operating theatre.

Piecing communities back together

As offensive strikes intensify, traumatic injuries continue to increase, overwhelming hospitals’ emergency and surgical departments.

Despite teaching a significant number of Ukrainian doctors to treat patients in need of trauma surgery, hundreds still require training in skills that will help them better manage chaotic emergency rooms, surgically treat multi-organ damage and ultimately, patient by patient, piece their communities back together.

“Dozens of wounded are arriving, daily”

Our Co-Founder David Nott’s phone continues to burn with patient cases and messages from Ukrainian doctors he’s trained this past 18 months. Igor, a junior doctor from Ukraine who joined one of our courses in 2022, puts his training into practice every day. He wrote to David to share what he sees on the frontline and how his surgical knowledge is impacting lives.

Hello David,

I decided to write to you, my dear friend.

We are on the offensive. Dozens of wounded are arriving daily – both civilian and military.

There are many interesting cases – vascular injuries, abdominal trauma, many amputations. Someday, I’ll put my experiences together in a film.

The doppler (a tool for monitoring blood flow) and ultrasound equipment you sent me have helped a lot.

I examine almost all injuries of the limbs with a doppler now. And of course, I use the Nott knot too (to stitch injuries).

With gratitude and respect,


Our CEO and Co-Founder, Elly Nott, said:

“Whilst the fog of war prevents us from having a precise picture of how successful Ukraine’s counter-offensive is proving, one thing we have a clear view of at the David Nott Foundation is the fortitude and dedication of Ukraine’s war doctors.

As Igor’s letter states, Russian attacks do not spare civilians – in fact they target civilian infrastructure – and dozens of wounded are arriving daily in hospitals like his. Health facilities are not immune from Russian targeting, with Physicians for Human Rights reporting that 1014 attacks have been perpetrated against Ukraine’s hospitals, health workers, and other medical infrastructure since February 2022.

The fight for Ukraine’s freedom continues and we will keep sharing knowledge and providing support as long as we are needed.”

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